Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum (Entreprenörskapsforum) is the leading network organization for generating and transferring policy relevant research in the field of entrepreneurship and small enterprise development.

Pontus Braunerhjelm, professor, Royal Institute of Technology, is Managing Director of Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum since August 2008.

As from 2009, four research fields are highlighted: Entrepreneurship and SMEs in the globalized economy, Entrepreneurship and SMEs in the knowledge driven growth economy, Entrepreneurship, SMEs, technology shifts and deregulation and finally Entrepreneurship in SMEs and in the growing service sectors.

Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum (previously know as FSF) is a network organization with the aim

  • to serve as a bridge between the small business research community and all agents active in development of new and small enterprises.
  • to initiate and disseminate research relevant to policy in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and SME.
  • to offer entrepreneurship researchers a forum for idea sharing, to build national and international networks in the field and to bridge the gap between research and practical application.

For more information, see http://eng.entreprenorskapsforum.se/.