What is rewarded?

A prize worthy contribution needs to be original and influential. One can think of many ways in which a contribution is influential, notably through its impact on subsequent scientific work (normally by virtue of the scientific work per se, but sometimes through the organization of large research programs), by furthering entrepreneurship as a field (by creating important data bases, by starting influential journals, scientific communities etc.), by furthering entrepreneurship education and training at the academic level, and by influencing policy making and society more broadly.

Over a longer time span the Award winning contributions should reflect the extraordinary width of entrepreneurship as a social science field, spanning the entire spectrum from anthropology to theoretical microeconomics, and its methodological diversity.

Another dimension concerns what aspects of entrepreneurship that can be rewarded. Here at least three important aspects come to mind:

(1) the environment and the organizations in which entrepreneurship is conducted

(2) the character of the entrepreneur (personality, cognitive and affective aspects), and

(3) the role of the entrepreneur and/or the entrepreneurial function in a wider sense (at the level of the community, region, country, industry).

All three aspects are highly relevant, and a scholar may be rewarded for contributions to any of them.